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Rapid Prototyping

Organizations often dream up physical devices and systems that would benefit their business and advance their mission. But developing such products (with numerous electrical, mechanical, and computer components) can be intimidating, time-intensive, and costly for those who do not have the relevant background. Our engineers have extensive experience in turning a concept into a robust, low-cost, physical prototype in an expedited timeline.

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Research & Development

We help organizations quantify their impact and address operational inefficiencies by designing data collection systems to further their R&D goals. These systems use novel sensor technologies (monitoring metrics such as pH, humidity, and air quality) to better understand hidden environmental conditions. We offer the ability to collect, analyze, and view the data, allowing organization’s to root out pain points and improve visibility in their operations and initiatives. The analysis can also be used to improve future R&D efforts and test more targeted hypotheses.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

For many, the manufacturing side of product development is a black box that seems impossible to understand. Those who wish to minimize the carbon footprint of their products add an additional layer of complexity to an already convoluted process. Understanding the balance between raw materials, suppliers, and manufacturers is critical to making greener products. Furthermore, using methods such as life cycle analyses can highlight where the bulk of the environmental damage occurs.


Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process thereby minimizing the impact on the environment and maximizing the benefit to your company.

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